« The 2022 champions will be us »

The 2021 playoffs are still in full swing but some are already thinking about next season … The proof, an All-Star already has a strong announcement during a live Instagram: he sees himself champion 2022 with its franchise! It’s ambitious, but not that crazy.

It is a certainty since the elimination of the Lakers in the first round of the playoffs: there will be a new champion in the NBA! After years of increasing clashes between the Warriors of Stephen curry and Kevin Durant and the Cavaliers Lebron james, the league has finally regained its suspense and competitiveness.

This is obviously a good thing for the show and for the sake of the league, and most importantly, it allows a good handful of franchises to dream of the title. After more than a decade spent in the depths of the standings, the Suns will for example find the conference final and why the Finals? Likewise, the Clippers will discover this level of competition!

But the teams still in the running are not the only ones with ambition… Live on Instagram from his boat, Klay Thompson spoke about next season and how he sees his return. Obviously, he sees himself in exactly the same place as in his last game played in 2019: in the NBA Finals!

That’s the plan: NBA 2022 champion! I fucking miss being on the field… I was very serious when I said that the NBA Finals are like nothing else… There are journalists who come to see us from all over the world, it is the center of the universe basketball!

To the sound of the legendary “Baby Be Mine” by Michael Jackson, Klay Thompson made a great promise to Warriors fans. He plans to get back in good shape and return to the NBA Finals in his first season! If it is 100%, Golden State should in any case be much more dangerous than this season, which should open the door to the playoffs. And once in the tournament, nothing is impossible!

Klay Thompson sees himself at the top again next season with his Warriors. His return will obviously be good, but it will undoubtedly take a little more than that to achieve this goal.

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