the 2021-22 All-NBA Teams have been revealed!

Most of the rewards having already been distributed, we attacked this night a category which, as every year, will make a lot of talk: the All-NBA Teams. Who has earned a place among the best players of the season, who has his name too low, who has been forgotten? We take stock right away.

Every year, it’s pretty much the same box: we see the All-NBA Teams and we say to ourselves that we love having such a panel of monsters to watch all year long. A first look to have the stars in your eyes and then you say to yourself that so and so may not be in the right place or that so and so has probably been wrongly forgotten. Without further ado, we are giving you the details of the votes.

We know that the results will make people react and we must therefore remember a little rule for those who cry foul for Joel Embiid, present in the All-NBA Second Team despite his season worthy of the MVP: voters must elect two guards, two forwards and one center for every five. With Nikola Jokic winner of the big statuette in pivot of the first five, impossible to hope to see the Cameroonian at the top of the bill. For the rest, the logic is still generally respected with a quartet Luka, Booker, Giannis and Tatum to surround the Joker in the All-NBA First team. On the strength of its exceptional regular season, Phoenix is ​​the only team to place two members with Chris Paul joining the 3rd five. Not sure that it comforts Cactus fans after the end of the water course but it’s still that. Despite his place in the Top 3 of the best scorers in the League, LeBron James only won a place in the Third Team… Which still allowed him to recover an 18th selection in 19 seasons. Not disgusting as CV For the rest, we can regret not seeing a representative of the Heat despite the first place in the East. Bam Adebayo was probably going too far but Jimmy Butler had a good record to be there. We also remember the beautiful comeback of Pascal Siakam, not selected for the All-Star Game but who is taking advantage of the return to form of the Raptors to find a place in the sun. Finally, and this is far from trivial, some boys are going to take a close look at these tables because there are a little more juicy deals to negotiate for the coming summer. Bobby MarksESPN recalled that Karl-Anthony Towns and Devin Booker, respectively Third and First Team, are now eligible for a super max extension of 211 million over four years. This is called the icing on the cake.

The All-NBA Teams have been announced! As always, there are the regulars, those who are slowly starting to make their mark and then those who might have deserved better. We’ll let you give us your five and see you in the comments.

Source text: NBA / ESPN

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