« The 2017 Warriors are only the second best team I have faced »


The Warriors version Kevin Durant are the last dynasty to rule the NBA, all fans still remember. But for a former champion, who has been able to face them on multiple occasions, Steve Kerr’s men are not the best team of the new millennium!

In recent league history, no team has been more influential than the Warriors from 2017 to 2019, carried by an exceptional quartet of All-Stars. The chemistry was so good, the basketball so simple, the solutions so numerous, that the men of the Bay often seemed unstoppable … An action perfectly symbolizes this incredible punching power:

Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry were open, but rather than asking for the ball, the three of them pointed to a teammate, proof of a unique altruism in the history of superteams … Never Michael jordan would have asked his teammates to pass the ball to Steve Kerr for example. But for Richard Jefferson, these Warriors are not the best team of the 21st century. He spoke on his show Road trippin ‘.

The second best team I have faced are the 2017 Warriors. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Kevin Durant… There was absolutely no formula to counter this team. To beat them you needed at least a team of the level of Team USA! It’s not an exaggeration when I say that, it’s what I mean.

But the best team remains the 2001 Lakers with Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant. Today I know Steph gets a lot of credit for changing the game in the NBA, but what Shaq was doing was different again… Shaquille O’Neal forced all teams to have two or three more interiors in their home. roster to hope to contain it.

Richard Jefferson’s observation is simple, Shaquille O’Neal was much more difficult to manage than the Warriors quartet, which is why he places the Lakers at the top of the hierarchy of the best teams of the 21st century… Everyone has their own opinion on the issue, but the figures prove him rather right. Indeed, Shaq and Kobe are the last to have achieved the 3-peat in the NBA!

The Warriors are in the race for the title of best team in history, along with the Bulls of Michael Jordan and the Lakers of the early 2000s. As for the order, everyone will have their own opinion …


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