The 2 major Celtics players who could jump this summer!

Launched into a big internal household, the Celtics could make a big overhaul of the roster during the offseason. Two big names in the workforce could thus be forced to pack their bags.

Given the circumstances, leaving the playoffs without having cashed a sweep may already appear to be a success. Deprived of Jaylen Brown for the playoffs, the Celtics seemed almost doomed to be eliminated by the Nets on a scathing 0-4. In the end, they were able to save the honor, thanks to a sensational performance by Jayson Tatum during Game 3.

Despite this, the major maneuvers have just been launched in Massachusetts. Huge changes have just been made to the front office. The departure of Danny Ainge, present in the Boston organization since 2003, was notably followed by the appointment of… Brad Stevens to succeed him as president of basketball operations.

But these are not the only touch-ups that should be done in the franchise following its elimination. In addition to the offices of the C’s, it is in the workforce that large-scale movements could be noted this summer. Michael Scotto from HoopsHype has therefore carried out an overview of the executives of the league, just to collect their opinions on the profiles likely to pack up. One of them sees a name clearly emerging.

If I were to play the guessing game, I think they’ll trade Marcus Smart this summer. They could rebuild around Tatum and Brown if they can get a real counterpart with Smart, but it’s all very speculative.

Attractive by his status as a defensive expert, Smart comes out of his most successful season in his career in scoring (13.1 points per game). One year from the end of his contract, getting rid of him could present big risks for the Green Army, especially from the point of view of stability in defense. Nevertheless, for another anonymous leader, it is the 27-year-old rear who should be sacrificed by his superiors.

They are a bit stuck when it comes to salaries. They’ve been trying to move Kemba Walker for a year now, but no one wants this back. The best bet they could take would be to transfer Smart, but I don’t know what value it has in the market. They could trade Brown for reinforcement in another position, but that would be a bad choice.

After two inconclusive seasons in the Celtics jersey, Kemba Walker also appears as an obvious starting potential. However, his rating on the market has proven to be as declining as his averages since leaving Charlotte. Therefore, Jared Weiss indicates that sending him to another team will be quite an ordeal for Stevens and his assistants.

Several front offices across the NBA told The Athletic this week that they still see Walker as a negative trade value, which the Celtics should take into account if they are to get rid of him this summer. That would mean they would have to add picks or other assets if they want to transfer it, although Walker is universally admired for his positive attitude and work ethic despite injuries.

There will therefore be many construction sites in the Boston roster during the offseason, while the financial leeway will remain limited. This will prove all the more true, if the leaders decide to give in. to the financial requirements of Evan Fournier, free agent in a few weeks, to keep it.

Who will be the big victims of the current upheaval at the Celtics? Marcus Smart and Kemba Walker seem in the best position to leave the franchise… subject to finding adequate offers to let them go.

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