The 2 big players impacted if Rudy Gobert is transferred!

After a disappointment this season with the Jazz, it is difficult to know if Rudy Gobert will be bargained for during the summer. If so, the market will be in turmoil very quickly, with a first team ready to pounce on the French pivot, but the future of two players in great danger as well. We take stock.

Rudy Gobert has had the ambition to win a title with the Jazz for years, without much success until today. The franchise has interesting potential, but which is struggling to show itself in the middle of the postseason, and has been for a few seasons. The wait is long among fans, too long, to the point that major trades could see the light of day in the coming months. The first two targeted? Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert.

Given the disastrous relationship between the two, on a basketball court at least, it may be time for Utah to turn the page. Mitchell? We know thata franchise in the East is already dreaming of having him in its workforce, but nothing suggests that Spida will ask for his departure. Same thing for Rudy, who still hopes to have guarantees on his future. He has also set a deadlinewhich could be a game-changer.

The future of Rudy Gobert linked to other players?

For the moment, it is impossible to know if the native of Saint-Quentin will pack his bags, and where. The Jazz have yet to decide on this issue, but its possible trade could have a domino effect on other players according to journalist Ian Begley, who works for SNY. The latter is formal: depending on the destination of Gobert, in the event of departure, players like Deandre Ayton will be impacted.

If Rudy Gobert finds himself on the market, franchises will come to judge the interest of Jazz for trades. Deandre Ayton, Jusuf Nurkic and Nic Claxton are among the summer free agents (Ayton and Claxton are restricted free agents). Gobert’s situation in Utah could also impact their summer. A note on Gobert: The Toronto Raptors are among the teams that will have interest if he becomes available.

But then why such an effect? Because when it comes to recruiting a great pivot, capable of defending the circle, Gobert is the first name that comes to mind. He has made it his specialty, and we know that many teams dream of having such a profile, like the Mavericks for example. If Rudy is traded to another destination, it’s very bad news for Ayton, or Nurkic, who hope to get some money this summer.

For the first city, which makes the Suns happy, he will have the possibility of extending his contract for the maximum, at least if Phoenix decides to offer him such a deal. Knowing that the franchise has the advantage in the talks, it might stall, and wait to see what contract Ayton gets in the market. Similar idea for Nurkic, but suitors will be rare, especially if Rudy is available. Like what, if he is on the market, it is the Frenchman who could kick off the festivities.

Rudy Gobert on the market? The interest will be great for the Frenchman, and perhaps much lighter for the competition. Bad news for Deandre Ayton and company, who hope to win the tickets during the summer. But for the time being, nothing indicates that Rudy is about to leave, not yet at least.

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