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With only 5 games left in the NFL regular season, wins are needed for teams aiming for the playoffs. The league leaders, the Philadelphia Eagles, are moving to the Big Apple to challenge the Giants, who have been struggling for a month. Winner of the Chiefs last weekend, the Cincinnati Bengals will continue this Sunday with the reception of the Cleveland Browns. We Sport tells you all about this NFL 2022 weekend 14.

NFL week 14: The game of the week

Philadelphia Eagles [10-1] @ New York Giants [7-4-1] : Sunday at 7:00 p.m.

Beaten 3 weeks ago by the Commanders (21-32), the Philadelphia Eagles showed that this accident was already forgotten. The machine launched again with 3 consecutive victories (Colts, Packers then Titants), Jalen Hurts and his teammates continue to impress the entire NFL. The Eagles quarterback has just been elected for the second time in a row MVP of the week in the NFC conference and is a candidate for the title of MVP of the regular season. For this NFL week 14 poster, Philadelphia will travel to New York to meet the Giants. A New York team in difficulty for a month with 3 defeats in its last 5 meetings including a last draw against Washington last Sunday (20-20). Daniel Jones’ partners will have to regain their level from the start of the season to hope to inflict a second defeat on the Eagles!

Player to watch: Dak Prescott

Houston Texas [1-10-1] @Dallas Cowboys [9-3] : Sunday at 7:00 p.m.

The weeks pass and the Dallas Cowboys do not slow down. Solidly installed in the wake of the Eagles and the Vikings, the Texas players do not make noise but are nevertheless a formidable opponent. After crushing the Colts last week (54-19), quarterback Dak Prescott’s team (67.9% and 1,563 yards this season) is running at full speed with 3 wins in a row before facing the Houston Texans, worst franchise in the NFL this season. With his confident playmaker who threw 3 touchdowns last week, it’s hard to imagine a result other than another victory for the Dallas Cowboys.

Team to watch: Cincinnati Bengals

Cleveland Browns [5-7] @Cincinnati Bengals [8-4] : Sunday at 7:00 p.m.

After a sluggish start to the season with 2 losses to start, the Cincinnati Bengals are back. The finalists of the last Super-Bowl remain on 8 wins in 10 but above all sent a message during the last meeting by taking the best of Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs (27-24). A success of reference for Joe Burrow and his frankness which are not more than with a small victory of the leaders of the AFC conference, namely Bills and… Chiefs! For the reception of the Cleveland Browns this Sunday, the opportunity to put pressure on his opponents will be too good.

The question of the week: the 49ers, curbed ambitions?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers [6-6] @San Francisco 49ers [8-4] : Sunday at 10:25 p.m.

On 5 straight wins and a 3th place in the NFC conference, the lights could be green for the San Francisco 49ers. However, bad luck befalls the Californian franchise. After losing his quarterback Trey Lance at the start of the season, the 49ers now see their second master to play, Jimmy Garoppolo, end his season because of a broken foot suffered during the last success against the Dolphins. The coach of San Francisco, Kyle Shanahan, will have to give the keys to the team to Brock Purdy, rookie selected in the last place of the last draft. With a heavy blow, the ambitions of the California franchise are taking a big hit.

Thursday’s game

Las Vegas Raiders [5-7] @Los Angeles Rams [3-9]

For this opening match of this NFL week 14, we will not be entitled to the most enticing poster between 2 teams which should not see the post-season, the Las Vegas Raiders and the Los Angeles Rams. Defending champions who completely miss their season with only 3 small successes in 12 games and who will end with a negative balance sheet. Among the Raiders, the hopes of play-offs are still possible but for that it will be necessary to achieve a flawless in the last meetings while hoping for missteps from its direct opponents. Scenario difficult to conceive when we see the level of Derek Carr and his teammates this season.

NFL week 14 program

This week, the Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, Atlanta Falcons, Washington Commanders, Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints are exempt.

thursday nightyou Soccer

Las Vegas Raiders [5-7] @Los Angeles Rams [3-9]

Redzone (Sunday, 7:00 p.m.)

New York Jets [7-5] @Buffalo Bills [9-3]

Cleveland Browns [5-7] @Cincinnati Bengals [8-4]

Houston Texas [1-10-1] @Dallas Cowboys [9-3]

Minnesota Vikings [10-2] @ Detroit Lions [5-7]

Philadelphia Eagles [10-1] @ New York Giants [7-4-1]

Baltimore Ravens [8-4] @Pittsburg Steelers [5-7]

Jacksonville Jaguars [4-8] @Tennessee Titans [7-5]

Redzone (Sunday, 10:05 p.m./10:25 p.m.)

Kansas City Chiefs [9-3] @Denver Broncos [3-9]

Carolina Panthers [4-8] @Seattle Seahawks [7-5]

Tampa Bay Buccaneers [6-6] @San Francisco 49ers [8-4]

Sunday Night Football (Monday, 2:20 a.m.)

Miami Dolphins [8-4] @Los Angeles Chargers [6-6]

Monday Night Football (Tuesday, 1h15/2h30)

New England Patriots [6-6] @Arizona Cardinals [4-8]

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