the 100% electric supercar is displayed in pictures

Ferrari is a car brand that is widely known to everyone. However, this brand is not for all budgets. With the increasingly strong bet on the electric segment, the brand has already confirmed that there will also be a 100% electric Ferrari.

But what are Ferrari’s main changes to the electric vehicle it’s building?

Ferrari the 100 electric supercar is displayed in pictures

Electric Ferrari: The engine in the central part will give way to batteries

Ferrari has already started taking the first steps towards producing a 100% electric car. According to The Drive, the Italian brand has had work carried out since 2019. According to the latest information, the brand has removed the combustion engine which is found in the center rear. This space will be used to allocate a large battery that forms a single block.

To help with autonomy, this battery will be connected to smaller ones which will be placed under the vehicle, some even under the seats.

1644881045 655 Ferrari the 100 electric supercar is displayed in pictures

From the drawings that have just been published, we can see that the back is rather tilted upwards. Such a change in design will certainly aim to facilitate the dissipation of the heat generated by the battery.

In 2019, Louis Camilleri, then CEO of Ferrari, said that Ferrari would launch an electric model, but with an extended schedule, only after 2025. About Ferrari’s future electric vehicle, it is only known that it will be revealed in 2025 and now this little information about what was patented. There is still no information on the engine or the range.

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