The 10 players with the most average points at age 37 or over

There is playing until your forties or almost in the NBA, and there is playing until your forties or almost while continuing to evolve at a very high level. While LeBron James continues to shine despite his 37 years, focus on the top 10 all-time scorers at this stage of their career.

In a sport where the famous « prime » sometimes lasts only one or two years (ask Isaiah Thomas, for example), staying on top for years is a feat. They are also only a handful to have reached the upper echelons of the ten All-Star selections, and awards spread on the CV after more than 15 years of career.

These mastodons are obviously known to everyone, from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to LeBron James, from Michael Jordan to Kobe Bryant or even from Dirk Nowitzki to Tim Duncan. But concretely, in numbers, what are the best individual seasons in scoring history at 37 or over? The answer below.

LeBron James untouchable, Michael Jordan 4th

1. LeBron James: 28.7 points (ongoing) – 2021-2022
2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: 23.4 points – 1985-1986
3. Karl Malone: ​​23.2 points – 2000-2001
4. Michael Jordan: 22.9 points – 2001-2002
5. Dirk Nowitzki: 18.3 points – 2015-2016

6. Dominique Wilkins: 18.2 points – 1996-1997
7. Kobe Bryant: 17.6 points – 2015-2016
8. Johnny Green: 16.7 points – 1970-1971
9. John Havlicek: 16.1 points – 1977-1978
10. Tim Duncan: 15.1 points – 2013-2014

Clearly, Lebron james is far ahead of the competition from the top of its 37 years. Admittedly, the King benefits from a higher pace of play than its counterparts, with therefore more possessions to be disputed, but this does not detract from the monumental character of its level of play since the beginning of the exercise. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Karl Malone, respectively number 1 and 2 in the all-time scoring classification, completed the podium.

Behind this incredible trio, Michael jordan is in ambush, followed by other outstanding players – all Hall of Famers except Johnny Green. To see Duncan, Bryant and others become so “human” again in their statistics in old age only highlights the performance LeBron has accomplished.

10 legendary names, 10 artists who have performed well beyond the usual standards, pushing back the weight of Mother Nature. And at the top, quite alone, a certain LeBron James.

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