The 10 highest paid players in the NHL

The best players on the Bettman Tour might not sign as massive deals as the big stars of European soccer or the NBA, but they really aren’t to be pitied.

Here are the ten highest paid athletes in Canadian national sport … in US dollars of course!

1. Jonathan Toews

The Chicago Blackhawks center is number one, with $ 16 million.

It’s still well deserved for a guy who has three Stanley Cup rings, two Olympic gold medals, one world championship gold and one World Cup victory.

Toews expresses himself perfectly in French and his mother is from Sainte-Marie, which makes him the most queb of this top 10.

Base salary: $ 13.8M

Sponsors: $ 2.2M

2. Sidney Crosby

The Pittsburgh Penguins captain, who has been at the top of that list for 8 years, now comes in second with an income of $ 15.7 million.

Despite earning less than Toews, the 30-year-old Nova Scotian is close behind him with his advertising contracts. He is also the player with the most partnerships of this kind in the NHL, including Adidas, CCM, Tim Hortons and Gatorade to name a few.

Base salary: $ 10.9M

Sponsors: $ 4.8M

3. Patrick Kane

The Chicago Blackhawks right winger joins his teammate on the podium with an income of $ 14.8 million. Both have signed for the same salary in Chicago.

If the American is less popular than Toews with sponsors, his jersey was still the second best seller in the league last season, just behind that of Sid the kid.

Base salary: $ 13.8M

Sponsors: $ 1 million

4. Alexander Ovechkin

The 32-year-old Russian, who recently surpassed the 600-goal mark in the regular season, will cash in $ 14.5 million this year.

The Washington Capitals left-winger relies heavily on his advertising deals. The American restaurant chain Papa John’s uses his very charismatic personality to promote its pizzas in the Russian market.

Base salary: $ 10 million

Sponsors: $ 4.5M

5. Anze Kopitar and Jamie Benn

AFP – Martin Chevalier / JdeM

The Los Angeles Kings center and Dallas Stars captain are tied for fifth place with $ 13.1 million.

Kopitar is only the third Slovenian to have played in the Bettman circuit. The other two players from the small Central European country have a total of 47 games in the league.

In stark contrast, Benn’s birthplace of Victoria, BC produced 19 hockey players who put on the skates for an NHL team.

Base salary: $ 13 million

Sponsors: $ 100,000

7. PK Subban

The former Montreal Canadiens defenseman who now plays for the Nashville Predators is in seventh place with $ 12.5 million.

A philanthropist at heart, the flamboyant defender has left his mark on the heart of Quebec with his commitment to sick children.

He is also continuing his charitable momentum in Tennessee. His latest initiative, « Blueline Buddies, » aims to connect members of the Nashville police force with poor neighborhood children.

Base salary: $ 11 million

Sponsors: $ 1.5M

8. Shea Weber

Whoever was traded to the Montreal Canadiens for PK Subban earns a handsome sum of $ 12.1 million annually.

The powerful slap shot defenseman has only played 26 games this season and has 16 points. Meanwhile, Subban … OK, OK, we know the song!

Base salary: $ 12 million

Sponsors: $ 100,000

9. Steven Stamkos

The Tampa Lightning center is ninth with revenue of $ 11 million.

He could have ended up higher on the list, both in salary and sponsorship, had he decided to sign with the Leafs, who were seeking his services in the summer of 2016.

But Stamkos wants to drink from Lord Stanley’s cup and it’s in Tampa that he believes he has the best chance of getting there.

Base salary: $ 9.5M

Sponsors: $ 1.5M

10. Corey Perry

The Anaheim Ducks right-winger comes last in the standings with $ 10.15 million.

Let us underline his prestigious inclusion in the “Triple Gold Club”, with his two Olympic gold medals, his gold medal at the world championship and his conquest of the Stanley Cup.

Moreover, only Perry and Scott Niedermayer can boast of having also won the Memorial Cup, the World Junior Championship and the World Cup of Hockey. All they need is the Quebec Pee-Wee tournament in their trophy cabinet.

Base salary: $ 10 million

Sponsors: $ 150,000

By the way, it’s no mistake that the prodigious Connor McDavid isn’t on this list. Its historic contract of 100 million for 8 years will not take effect until 2018-2019. Until then, the center of

Edmonton Oilers will have to settle for a meager $ 832,500 with the possibility of a few million more depending on his performance.

Between them, the income of these hockey players totals nearly US $ 133 million. Okay, that’s not enough to make the Ronaldo or James of this world jealous … but enough to make our bank account dream.

Source: Forbes

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