The 04 things to know before embarking on motorsport

Are you a big fan of motorsports? Or by dint of contemplating the exploits of the famous Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel or even those of the great Kimi Räikkönen, have you made the decision to satisfy your passion this season? Whether it’s for a circuit race, a karting course or F1, getting started in the world of motorsports is not an easy task.

It is not enough to be an ace behind the wheel to access it. It also requires physical, psychological or financial investments. Here are 04 tips to help you start your great adventure.

Be accompanied by an experienced professional

Like other sporting disciplines, you cannot get started in the world of motorsport without first getting advice from an enthusiast or a professional who has already devoted a good part of his life to it. Indeed, for a better start, you can, for example, improve your pilot reflexes by starting with a short refresher course.

To do this, you can choose an establishment whose schedule suits you perfectly in order to avoid availability problems. Once this remedial session is over, you can be chaperoned by proven practitioners like Carine Sicart. These practitioners, taking into account your tastes and your means, will provide you with advice on the model of car that suits you as well as the most appropriate category.

You will have no difficulty finding the type of vehicle and putting together the essential file for the realization of your project with the support of an experienced driver. Even if you already have a car, some technical improvements (braking, chassis level) must be made to improve the performance of your car.

Carry out driving courses to train

Now that you’ve got the basics learned from advice from other enthusiasts and professionals, it’s time to get down to business. There are different ways to get into the car business. But the best way is to start with driving courses. Indeed, automotive courses are a practical way to train the drivers of tomorrow.

This step allows you to benefit from a direct approach to driving while enjoying extreme sensations. Those who are considering a career in the world of motorsport should in no way neglect driving courses. This will help them to optimize their self-confidence. Initiation days will be made available to them in order to better understand what motorsport really is.

It’s also an opportunity to discover the real conditions when you’re in front of the wheel before even tasting the stopwatch and taking part in a few amateur competitions. Subsequently, with a few practical sessions, you can acquire the first driver reflexes and understand how a production vehicle works.

Choose your race category

Motorsport is divided into three main categories: automobile competition, motorcycling competition and aeronautical competition. To choose a category in motorsport, it largely depends on the budget. Motorsport generally includes autocross, karting, motocross, Speedway, aerobatics and rallycross.

Each of these disciplines depends on the motorized vehicles and the terrain where the competition takes place. By way of illustration, there is the closed circuit which is reserved exclusively for speed races or endurance races such as Formula 1. With regard to the other disciplines, there is rallying and drifting.


Prepare a budget

If you want to get started in the world of motorsport, it is important to establish a budget beforehand. This budget will cover the car and the necessary equipment, the tires and shock absorbers, as well as the driver’s clothing. Yes ! Anyone who wants to practice this sport must obtain the appropriate clothing, in particular a racing driver’s suit.

Added to this are also other essential accessories such as gloves, visor and others. And the expense of buying all of these can be very expensive. This is why it is recommended to apply for sponsorship. For your information, sponsorship refers to financial or material support provided to an event, entity or individual by an advertising partner for advertising purposes.

Having one or more sponsors considerably reduces the budget and allows you to be well equipped. Even if the race offers a pleasant feeling to the pilot, it also poses a danger if he is not well equipped.
In addition, you should not forget the administrative side either. In order to be able to ride on the circuit in the rules, you must take out a license.

It depends on the age and the category practiced. In addition, the racing car must be approved by the technical commissioner of FFSA (French Motorsport Federation). Following this procedure, a technical passport will be given to you. You should know that these two things have a cost.

In conclusion, motorsport has become a trend in recent years. To succeed in a perfect career in motorsport, the observance of these tips that you have just read is essential.

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