“That superstar? It’s been five years since he has had any impact. »

The decline can be brutal for some players, everything going very fast in the big league. According to a journalist, a big name in the prosecutor’s office in particular has not met expectations for five long years already… That’s a lot, and it’s hard to blame him.

If the Lakers of LeBron James were the laughingstock of the NBA last year, the finding was not very good either at the Nets. The latter painfully climbed into the playoffs after going through the Play-In, before being swept unceremoniously by the Celtics in the first round. For once, Kevin Durant was, among other things, catastrophic, but he was clearly not the only one… and we think in particular of Kyrie Irving in this precise case.

Statistically speaking, his performances were already not very brilliant (21 points and 5 assists on average at 38% behind the arc), but Uncle Drew was above all transparent in terms of his impact on the course of events. To put it simply, he was playing in a vacuum and according to analyst Bill Simmons, this has been a recurring phenomenon for a while now. According to him, the NBA champion has not been at the level he should be since his time in Cleveland:

Kyrie Irving badly criticized for his level in the playoffs

I’m really confused by the perception of Kyrie Irving versus the facts, because the facts are: In the last five years, he hasn’t had any impact in the playoffs at all. The last time he was really an impact player in the playoffs was the 2017 playoffs, where he was awesome.

The argument is devastating, but difficult to really contradict the journalist. Indeed, some fans have recalled his post-season “accomplishments” over this period… and they are not glorious:

When you really think about it, he’s right. Every year since 2017 he’s either been injured (2018, 2021) or played like crap (2019, 2022)

He’s right, he’s one of the worst stars in the league in terms of playoff performance.

According to Bill Simmons, Kyrie Irving hasn’t been up to par when it comes to the playoffs for five years now. Between injuries and erratic performance, Uncle Drew does indeed have things to be forgiven for.

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