« Thank God Kevin Durant didn’t come to our team »

Kevin Durant is one of the best players of the planet and he animated the summer in the NBA with his crazy transfer request. And if the fans all dreamed of welcoming him, secretly or not, some players were not of this opinion. The proof with this incredible declaration during the media day of a cador.

After a most eventful summer, Kevin Durant is finally back in Brooklyn, franchise in which he will try to win a new title, his first without the help of Stephen Curry. During the Nets media day, number 7 was also very honest about the reasons that motivated his trade request, before reassuring the fans by expressing his desire to play with his new teammates.

Very worried following the departure of James Harden and facing the fiasco Kyrie Irving, KD did not think Brooklyn was able to play the title in the long term, which clearly explains his desire to leave. But with the returns of Ben Simmons and Joe Harris, the arrivals of Royce O’Neale and TJ Warren, he has absolutely no regrets to have about his situation, he is able to shine at the highest level.

Cam Payne happy to see Kevin Durant stranded in Brooklyn!

And obviously, Kevin Durant is not the only man happy not to have left Brooklyn, since in the many franchises that coveted him, players were visibly struggling to find sleep in the face of rumors. They didn’t know if they would be traded or not, which added a lot of uncertainty to their summer, and this is particularly the case for a Suns talent.

Cam Payne says his heart sank when he first heard the rumors about Kevin Durant, but he’s home and relieved. “Thank God Kevin Durant didn’t come to our team. »

Initially, Kevin Durant had informed his leaders that he wanted to be traded to Miami or Phoenix, the two No. 1 seeds in the last playoffs. At the Suns, Cameron Payne would undoubtedly have been part of the proposed package, and would have found himself forced to leave a franchise he considers his home. The nights must have been quite short for him…

But his relief is undoubtedly very selfish, since to choose, the fans would have preferred to see him join the Nets to make room for a talent like KD, who has the qualities necessary to carry this franchise to the title. Cam Payne is happy to stay, he didn’t want a trade for the captain of the last All-Star Game, so he’s going to have to live up to that statement on the court.

Cameron Payne feels particularly good in Phoenix, he did not want to leave the desert to join the Nets as part of a trade for Kevin Durant. An opinion that the fans will probably not share, since the n°7 would have been a great help in the race for the title.

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