TFC: a return to the club for Moussa Sissoko? « It’s possible » loose midfielder Watford

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During a live Instagram between former TFC players, Moussa Sissoko was asked by Etienne Didot about a potential return to the Pink City. And the current Watford midfielder has not necessarily closed the doors.

What if Moussa Sissoko returned to the Pink City to wear the jersey of his training club again? During a live Instagram organized by Étienne Didot, last night, during which André-Pierre Gignac, Adrien Regattin or even the current captain Brecht Dejaegre were present, a return of the former number 19 of the TFC was mentioned.

Asked by Etienne Didot about a potential return, Sissoko replied: « Seriously, it’s possible. Afterwards in football, everything goes fast. Today, do I want to leave the English league? No. It’s complicated to answer the question, but I wouldn’t be against it. We were trained in Toulouse (with Jean-Daniel Akpa Akpro also present during the live), the TFC is a special club for us and if one day we the opportunity to come back, it will be with pleasure, « he replied.

More seriously, at present, a return to the TFC is not in the pipeline and as Sissoko confirms himself, he likes England. But in football, you should never say never…

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