Texan fans disgusted after the Mavericks trade!

From the start, the Mavericks decided to hit hard by bringing in a big pivot to help Luka Doncic towards the title. If the deal is very advantageous, the fans are very affected by the departure of Boban Marjanovic. The latter will evolve in Houston, even if there is a world where a return is possible in Dallas.

It didn’t take long for the Mavericks to get active on the trade market, with the idea of ​​helping Luka Doncic next year on the floor. Results ? A first important exchange, with the arrival of Christian Wood in Texas, against no less than 4 players, and a pick. A high price, but a player with 18 points and 10 rebounds on average, which could make a big difference. It’s certainly a nice shot, even if it took some sacrifices.

The cruel start for a Dallas player!

The majority of departures? Bench players, who can be replaced this summer, on the free agent market. But in the lot? Boban Marjanovic, so appreciated by supporters, and even quite close to Doncic outside the courts. The pivot will be sorely missed by fans, but Marc Stein reminds us that a return is largely possible before the end of the summer.

Rule reminder: If Houston trades Boban elsewhere and his new team parts ways with him, he would be eligible to re-sign with Dallas. If Boban and Houston part ways, he can’t re-sign to Dallas for a full year after the trade is official.

I HATE that Bobi is far away…but what a trade. We cheated them.

Dallas won’t be the same city without Boban Marjanovic as a resident.

Boban Marjanovic is no longer a Maverick, but won’t get very far going to Houston. It remains to be seen what the Texas franchise wants to do with the pivot, since it could cut it shortly. In any case, a return to Dallas is unlikely in the immediate future.

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