Test: “NHL 23” skates a bit despite solid foundations


Test“NHL 23” skates a bit despite solid foundations

Electronic Arts is trying to capture attention with its hockey simulation. He’s only halfway there.

It is clear that the imagination of developers has somewhat remained at the dock this year. Thus, with « NHL 23 », where only the franchise mode is renewed and offers total customization, the changes to the other game modes are simply anecdotal.

Playability is better and one-timers don’t come in every time, thanks to smarter goalkeepers. We also appreciate the new movement of the last chance, but it remains insufficient to really stand out from the previous opus. On the Swiss side, nothing new. Staff numbers are up to date, but no new rinks have been modeled. Winning a National League playoff series will win the Stanley Cup, which really doesn’t help with immersion. It’s a pity that this kind of easy-to-erase defect persists from year to year.

Graphically, “NHL 23” is as beautiful as its predecessors. We still regret the difference in treatment between very well modeled NHL players and arenas and the lazy design of the crowd present in the ice rinks. Undoubtedly, the “NHL” franchise is resting on its laurels, the fault of non-existent competition.

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