Terrible news for the Blues in the Joel Embiid file!

Now French for a few months now, Joel Embiid will soon be selectable by Vincent Collet within the France team. Great news for this group, which will increase the chances of success in future competitions, with Rudy Gobert and Victor Wembanyama at his side. Anyway, that was the original plan. He has changed a lot since then.

A few weeks after the defeat in the EuroBasket Final against Spain, there is no question for the Blues to brood over this disappointment for too long. Evan Fournier’s teammates are already back in their respective teams, but they have every intention of finding their way back to success with the Worlds in 2023, as well as the Paris Olympics in 2024. And for that, Vincent Collet could have some help.

While the group should be complete, with the returns of Nicolas Batum and Nando De Colo, Joel Embiid came to upset the future of this roster. By becoming French this year, the Sixers player is now selectable by Collet, once he has obtained his FIBA ​​license. A golden opportunity for the Blues to boost their chances, and thus offer an alternative to the profile of Rudy Gobert.

Big complication in the soap opera Rudy Gobert

But that was the original plan. No one expected a complication in this Embiid soap opera, despite obvious criticism of this naturalization, with some believing that the pivot has no place in the blue jersey – like Evan Fournier. Good news for them, their dream may be fulfilled. According to the latest information from Marc Stein, in his latest paper, the USA intends to compete with EDF.

Team USA has an interest in signing Joel Embiid to the national team.

For those who missed the information in September, Embiid was also granted US citizenship. The deal is relatively simple for him now: he can choose to play for France, or rather join the US armada alongside LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and company. Needless to say, on paper the choice seems obvious from a potential perspective.

lmaooo they will fight for the goat

Joel Embiid in the France team? If Team USA decides to get involved, that’s a whole other story. The potential is undoubtedly better alongside LeBron James and company, while the Blues clearly wouldn’t say no to such an arrival. Patience, because the verdict should not arrive before 2023.

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