Terrible news for Giannis and the Bucks!

Tied with Chicago in the playoffs, Milwaukee will have to do without one of its main elements. Worse still, the player in question risks missing several weeks of competition… A potential disaster for the Daims, who want a successful back-to-back.

Opposed to the Bulls on this first round, Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks had made the ideal start by winning in Game 1. Except that DeMar DeRozan & co. did not take long to respond, going for the victory in the second set (114-110) and thus equalizing in the series. Mike Budenholzer’s men had enough to look gloomy after the meeting, having lost the advantage of the field in the process.

However, this information seems secondary for Milwaukee, which focuses instead on the case of Khris Middleton. The latter had to abandon his teammates at the start of the fourth quarter, after a fairly heavy fall near the basket. Some Internet users specializing in medicine did not take long to make predictions, and it was a sprained knee ligament that came up most often in the comments:

Long absence to be expected for Khris Middleton?

The diagnosis was also confirmed in stride by Shams Charania, and we can seriously worry about the rest of the player’s season. Indeed, his wound is very similar to that of Kevin Durant in January, who had then missed several weeks of competition. A sports doctor has also given his opinion on the matter, explaining that the lieutenant of the Greek Freak risks a long absence, like the Slim Reaper:

Difficult injury for Khris Middleton. Return to play times are based on the degree of injury (level 1-3) . Level 1 generally corresponds to an absence of 1-2 weeks, level 2 = 4-6 weeks, level 3 = 8-12 weeks. If we simply take the diagnosis of sprained knee ligament as such, players miss an average of 30 days of competition. Surgery is rare.

Khris Middleton could well miss a month of competition, very bad news for the defending champion. If he goes to the second round, it will be the Celtics or the Nets who will stand in his way. Not an easy task without the guard…

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