Terrible news for Delonte West, more than ever at the bottom of the abyss

Former NBA point guard Delonte West, gone through the worst, is about to make a remarkable return to the courts

Big3 (DR) / @damani_givens

Tragic as possible, the career of former NBA player Delonte West has been stirring the NBA planet for many months. A big name in the league has just given an update on his situation, and did not reassure the fans at all with his words.

It all started with a simple viral image shared on social networks, showing him unrecognizable and on the street. Eight years after his last NBA game, in 2020, Delonte West was found by a few fans in very bad shape. Without a fixed address, the former teammate of LeBron James at the Cavaliers had even been filmed in full beatingprovoking the stunned reaction of Internet users.

Since the horrific footage was released, several league members have come together to come to West’s aid. Among them: Mark Cuban, the charismatic owner of the Dallas Mavericks. The intervention of the latter had allowed the former leader to find the way to the prosecution, and gave birth to wonderful sequences that had touched the observers. The sequel, however, did not go as planned.

Mark Cuban powerless to save Delonte West

Promised to make a big comeback as a basketball player, and a candidate in the last Big 3 Draft, Delonte West ultimately did not take part. A choice as surprising as it is enigmatic, which subsequently saw him plunge back into your nomadic way of life. Asked a few hours ago by TMZ SportsCuban, unfortunately, considers himself unable to get his former player out of this quagmire now:

TMZ Sports: We have to ask you: do you have any news from Delonte West?

Mark Cuban: I’ve been in contact with him, and you know, it’s up to him first to want help. To be honest, I tried… I know he’s going through a tough time, but I only wish him well.

A first answer already quite worrying enough on its own, and which turned out to be even more appalling following that of the big boss of the Mavs about West’s current state of health:

He is going through a real ordeal. I mean, addiction is a terrible thing to live with. Mental illness is a terrible thing to live with. Now he is at a stage in his life where he must be willing to seek help.

In other words, “Redz” would find himself in such a depression that he no longer wishes to attempt treatment. A sad development for this sad saga, which the fans undoubtedly hoped to see end in a much better way than the one that is becoming clearer.

A time very advanced on the road to recovery, Delonte West has visibly plunged back to believe the recent words of his guardian angel Mark Cuban. So much so that the owner of the Mavs would no longer be able to help him today. Terrible.

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