Terrible cold snap in the Kevin Durant file!

It’s been weeks since the Kevin Durant soap opera started, but nothing really seems to have changed since then. Discussions have taken place with the Heat, or the Suns, very interested in the arrival of the superstar. Problem ? Brooklyn is just too greedy. The reality is very harsh according to Adrian Wojnarowski, who made a terrible observation.

The whole NBA is on hold regarding Kevin Durant, who could leave the Nets soon, at least if the franchise finds an interesting counterpart. Talks are known to be taking place with various teams, like the Heat and Suns, where Durant would like to play in the future. The problem is that Brooklyn wants to sell the player in exchange for significant compensation, even if it means scaring away the opposing leaders.

We could have guessed that the Nets would be greedy to give up KD, but at this point? Maybe not for some teams, who are starting to wonder if a player trade is really possible for this summer? As it stands, it’s increasingly likely that the former Warrior will still be a Nets player at the start of the season. The reason is relatively simple: no one has the necessary assets to convince the Nets.

Inevitable outcome this summer for Kevin Durant?

Adrain Wojnarowski was at ESPN on Tuesday evening, and he made a fairly simple observation on the evolution of the Durant file. For those who were hoping for a departure in the coming weeks, it will probably be necessary to be patient. The Nets have no intention of changing their minds, while Miami and Phoenix will likely wait on their own to shake things up. A status quo that should last.

« Brooklyn just can’t find a trade in the market that justifies selling Kevin Durant who still has four years on his contract. They continue to discuss with the teams, but no one is able to reach the request at the moment. »

Barring a miracle, this situation can last several weeks, while waiting for someone to decide to give in. Knowing that KD still has 4 years of contract, it is unlikely that the Nets will crack in this file. The opposing teams therefore know that they must find solutions, even if it means involving a third team in the exchange.

Kevin Durant is very far from a start with the Nets, to the point that it is likely that he will be a Brooklyn player in the fall. No one wants to pay Brooklyn’s asking price, at least not yet. It’s a scenario à la Ben Simmons that is being prepared.

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