Tensions between Trae Young and Nate McMillan…

Daily life in the locker room is not all rosy in Atlanta, despite an encouraging start to the season and a record of 13 wins for 10 losses. Indeed, The Athletic has revealed that latent tensions have existed since the start of the season between Trae Young and his coach, Nate McMillan.

These would have reached a new climax during the preparation for the match against the Nuggets on Friday, during a rather ordinary conversation at first sight.

The manager would have asked his leader if he wanted to participate in training, receive treatment for his pain in his right shoulder, and take part in the evening match. To which the player would have replied that he did not want to participate in training but to treat his shoulder and later decide his participation in the meeting.

No sanction, Trae Young will play this Monday

The tone would have risen, and the coach would have left two choices to Trae Young: play against the Nuggets off the bench, or simply not come to the room. The leader then decided not to attend the victory of his people, and the justification of Nate McMillan, « a misunderstanding » according to him, proving in fact a little more complex than that.

The player will not be penalized for this. He trained normally yesterday and will be back on Monday night against OKC. The future of Nate McMillan, extended for four years, would not be threatened either.

No sanction therefore for what the franchise presents as an epiphenomenon, part of the life of a locker room over a long season. There is no doubt that if the Hawks remain near the Top 4 in the East, the two strong men of the franchise will find a way to reconcile.

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