Tensions between Joel Embiid and James Harden? The incendiary rumor!

Temporarily out with a foot injury, James Harden saw Joel Embiid take the reins of the 76ers, and lead them to a big win on Monday. At the same time, an insider reported an apparent beef between the Barbu and the star pivot!

Decidedly, many of the league’s leaders skate at the start of the season, and struggle to ensure that their stars get along on the floor. The 76ers fall into this category, they who had won only 4 wins in 10 games until Monday. Opposed to the Suns, they advanced on paper as outsiders, and yet surprised with a nice success embodied by Joel Embiid.

Joel Embiid already drunk by James Harden at the 76ers?

In the absence of James Harden, away from the field for several weeks, Phila was able to count on a great Embiid, back after a short stay in the infirmary. Admittedly clumsy (8/21 in shooting), the Cameroonian pivot still compiled 33 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists, thus offering a prestigious victory to his team (100-88). According to Keith Pompei, it could also be that this cardboard is due… to the unavailability of Harden:

Most of the time, Joel Embiid has appeared out of rhythm and displayed poor body language when playing alongside James Harden this season.

Faced with such remarks from the journalist of the Philadelphia Inquirerfans were quick to start a big debate on this alleged falling out between the two stars, with two well-defined camps:

Ok so basically Embiid is personal and can’t play with another star player lol he looks pissed that Harden is there

Or he’s just fed up that the star the 76ers got through a trade needs to have the ball constantly in his hands to be effective and has completely eliminated the movement of the ball on offense.

If the Sixers balance sheet gradually returns to balance, the atmosphere within the roster could seriously deteriorate. The promising marriage between Joel Embiid and James Harden would already be floundering, which does nothing to reassure the franchise!

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