Telex: Death of Peter Eckersley, founder of Let’s Encrypt, DeepMind trains its AI in football, Claranet France acquires Pictime

– Let’s Encrypt founder Peter Eckersley has passed away. Eva Galperin, director of cybersecurity at EFF, said paid tribute on Twitter to Peter Eckersley, former EFF member. This Australian computer scientist, computer security researcher and activist worked from 2006 to 2018 at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, including as chief computer scientist and AI policy manager. While at EFF, Peter Eckersley launched projects such as Let’s Encrypt, Privacy Badger, Certbot, HTTPS Everywhere, SSL Observatory and Panopticlick. In 2018, he left EFF to become director of research at the Partnership on AI, a position he held until 2020. In 2021, he co-founded the AI ​​Objectives Institute. Throughout his life, he has been a strong advocate for topics such as Internet privacy, net neutrality, and the ethics of artificial intelligence.

– DeepMind trains its AI to play football. Google’s artificial intelligence research team has announced that it has worked on « using human and animal movements to teach robots to dribble a ball, and simulating humanoid characters to carry an object and play football ». Guided learning is based on movement patterns derived from humans and animals. The research team explains that it was based on an NPMP, a general-purpose motor control module that translates short-range motor intentions into low-level control signals. The latter is trained offline or via reinforcement learning by mimicking motion capture data, recorded with trackers on humans or even animals. The entire work of the DeepMind team is detailed in its Humanoid Football article, published in Science Robotics.

– Claranet France acquires Pictime. The French subsidiary of Claranet, a company providing digital transformation and outsourcing services for critical applications, announces the acquisition of Pictime Groupe, a Lille-based company created in 2002 and specializing in digital transformation. With more than 260 employees divided between Lille and Paris, Pictime will provide a portfolio of 300 clients, mainly from retail/e-commerce and e-health. “The acquisition of Pictime Groupe is a real opportunity for Claranet to strengthen its position in the French market. We now have more than 1,000 employees, for a turnover of €150 million,” explains Olivier Beaudet, Managing Director of Claranet France.

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