Tebas takes on the Premier League now

After Ligue 1 and PSG, it is the turn of the Premier League and its clubs to be attacked by Javier Tebas, the president of the Spanish Liga.

In remarks reported by News-24, Javier Tebas is surprised at the hundreds of millions of euros spent by Premier League clubs during the 2022 summer transfer window: ““Premier League revenues are 1.8 times more than La Liga or Bundesliga but this negative amount is 20 times more than the Spanish league which has very good financial control. Something doesn’t make sense there, so what’s going on? There are a lot of checkbooks coming out of clubs like Manchester City signing a number of players. Even the Championship has lost €3bn (£2.6bn) over five years. Capital contributions from club owners of Premier League clubs to offset losses to La Liga he explained.

Tebas will file a complaint with UEFA

Javier Tebas plans to send a report to UEFA to denounce what he considers to be anti-competitive practices: “I know the Premier League has a model to limit losses to £108m ($125m), do we want unsustainable models? What happens if owners stop spending money? We could let sheikhs and big companies come here to buy clubs. PSG can get more gas whenever they need to buy more players or use a related business. The football industry has changed and there is a lot more money. If there is no control, we could endanger the industry itself. The two most sustainable competitions are La Liga and the Bundesliga and we really have to fight for sustainability. 10 years ago we weren’t like the Bundesliga, but we are now. We’re going to put all that at UEFA and it’s important for all the other European leagues because we want sustainable European football. » he added.

La Liga, a model?

The Spanish leader ends by hinting « that the financial model he has put in place in Spain will ensure the financial health of his clubs, after Chelsea, Nottingham Forest and West Ham United were placed on a UEFA ‘watch list’ – a situation which could lead to fines and even suspensions from European competition if their finances are not in check”.

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