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On the occasion of a great evening under the sign of exchange, synergies and collective work, the Faculty of Sports Sciences of Aix-Marseille received Thursday, September 15 at the Luminy campus the members of its Club partners. This entity created in October 2021 is based on three fundamental pillars: research, international openness and relations with the socio-economic world. A way for the Faculty of Science and Sport to increase its influence on the Aix-Marseille Provence territory, and to promote the integration of its young graduates. The opportunity also for the establishment to present its new partnership arrangements, and its 2022-2023 training agendas.

Nearly 37 structures (associations, companies, sports clubs, federations, etc.) are part of the Partners’ Club – 24 were represented on Thursday evening in the Jacques Paillard amphitheater. Among them, the football district of Provence, the Marseille school of e-Sport MCES or the start-up Sportingoodz. Each in turn, the partners of the Faculty of Sports Sciences presented, in the form of a pitch and/or video, their activities and their solutions. They all received a pack of giveaways offered by the Faculty (USB key, pen, cap, notebook and water bottle).

24 structures were represented on Thursday September 15 in the Jacques Paillard amphitheater (credit: Gomet’)

A great evening to create synergies

Happy and excited at the idea of ​​creating new synergies, the members of the Faculty of Science’s Partners Club are not hiding. They are there to open up to other structures, and above all to create new bridges.  » It’s a way for us to exist in the Marseille ecosystem “, underlines Sylvain Bachier, former student of the faculty and marketing development director of the MCES e-sport school.  » We are always looking for help with the organization of our events., reports Christophe Sanchez, marketing manager of the Fos Provence basketball club. The Partners’ Club gives players from the socio-economic world the opportunity to reach out to young people in the area.

Joining the Partners’ Club means positioning yourself as a trusted base for reliable professional integration.  » Many students from the faculty then join the ranks of the CNM, this is one of the reasons why we are part of the club. “Says Umberto Rombaut, employee of the Cercle des nageurs de Marseille (CNM). This collective work obviously benefits the partner structures, but the students also find it beneficial. For Florent Cordier, development manager at the Avi’Sourire association, being in contact with the world of learning,  » it is to offer students something to train on the ground « .

Florent Cordier, development manager of Avi’sourire (credit: Gomet’)

Students represented by three associations

Three of the five student associations attached to the Faculty of Sports Sciences were also present on Thursday evening, to attend the great evening of the Partners’ Club.  » The idea is to make our sector known (…) to attract partners », Testifies Lou Charlot, the president of Mars’Eis. In the front row of the amphitheater, she identifies possible drop-off points for students looking for an internship or work-study program.  » We are here to give a good image of the university, and to meet people adds Antoine Pulicani, president of Mars’Apas. He is joined in his remarks by the president of the historical association BDS FSS, Clément Guilhot, who hopes for his part  » offer maximum benefits to (its) students « .

Lou Charlot, president of the Mars’Eis student association (credit: Gomet’)

At the end of the session, the dean of the Faculty of Sports Science, and host of the great evening of the Partners Club, Christophe Bourdin, proceeded to a vote to elect the best video presentation. Victory goes to Reform (56% of the vote), “ a company that supports organizations in implementing operational CSR approaches “, as explained to us by its young president, Maëlle Beltas, on the terrace of the faculty, during a closing drink. Reform will be the patron for the next graduation ceremony on May 26, 2023.

Partners of the Faculty of Sports Sciences

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