Tata Martino’s strong message on Lionel Messi’s arrival in MLS


Tata Martino and Leo Messi will meet for their third common adventure with a mission, to straighten the Inter Miami club which is in last place in the MLS rankings.

Leo Messi and Tata Martino didn’t come to Miami for the holidays. As this statement from the new coach of the Florida club demonstrates: « It happens, and even to us, to associate Miami with the holidays. That’s not it. We want to be competitive. No footballer will come here without wanting to be competitive. (…) I have always found the attractive opportunity. I think MLS is constantly evolving.

Inter Miami is the club of former English glory, David Beckham. It was he himself who created this franchise on September 5, 2018 with the ambition of becoming a flagship club in MLS. After complicated beginnings during the first seasons of the club (from 2010 to today), the club enters a new dimension by recruiting Lionel Messi. It is in this sense that Tata Martino declared during his presentations to the press as a new coach: « The fact that the best player in the world decides to play in this league is bound to open up new perspectives. »

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