Taste the best of the French regions thanks to the new store Labeled Terroirs, in Aurillac (Cantal)

Saucisson with porcini mushrooms, coche ham from the Salaisons de l’Adour in the Hautes-Pyrénées, fourme from Montbrison, lonzu from Cozzano in southern Corsica, anchovies from Collioure, beers brewed near the central plateau, Clermont-Ferrand. And one of Arthur Vidal’s favorites this summer: a dry white wine from the Landes, from the rather unknown terroir of Sables Fauves.
The platter for a perfect summer aperitif, made with the tastiest French terroir, was put together thanks to Labellisé Terroirs. The delicatessen, installed in the walls which were, yesterday, those of the Fau jewelry store, rue Émile-Duclaux, is a small jewel of eclecticism where the know-how of craftsmen and the excellence of French producers blend brilliantly.

On his return to Cantal, the Mauriacois of origin set his sights on the city center of Aurillac, and in particular the surroundings of the town hall,

where food shops have become more and more important and give a very nice atmosphere to the neighborhood

emphasizes Arthur Vidal. Its very personal original recipe: to offer a counter like an embassy of culinary and gourmet know-how doing the challenge of originality without compromising on quality of his selections.

A goldsmith of selection and 100% French

“I was keen to support know-how. my supply is 100% French, agricultural or artisanal « .

I tried to achieve consistency, too, in my way of working and offering quality references. Especially on fresh produce.

Out of the question for the young man to offer, for example, a brocciu (Corsican cheese), never better than extra-fresh. Delivery times – and costs – would not only not have made sense for a retail sale, but would not, as a bonus, have matched what Arthur Vidal intended to offer his customers.

Milo & Victoria: a new Mediterranean counter in Aurillac (Cantal)

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Sure values ​​and tasty discoveries

On his massive wooden shelves are French products that he himself has tested, shared and validated! The ba-ba for this epicurean who swears only by the rigour, the experience and the reputation of a good house, without however forbidding freedom and audacity by going to see what is happening with young French artisans and producers. Arthur Vidal bet on the quality but also the originality of the productions, all French.

The French terroir is full of so many specialties and ways of expressing or interpreting them, that Arthur Vidal only had to prepare his tour of France of tables and cellars to select some famous ones.  » For wines, for example, I offer around 50% classic references, well known: domains or producers thanks to which we are neither surprised nor disappointed. But I suggest also 50% of references that are out of the ordinary and which will be discoveries for those who choose them”, smiles, like a promise, Arthur Vidal.

Four days of great bargains with the Aurillac town center flea market (Cantal)

Among them, a Morgon and a Bourgueil on the red side; a Muscadet de Loire-Atlantique and its favorite from the Landes, in white. Room for creativity and panache.

French mustard

Thanks to his gourmet walks and his discoveries, Arthur Vidal has brought together, in his downtown shop, references that you will only find, 9 times out of 10, at his home in Aurillac. Or else in the regions of origin of his finds…
There is even a commodity that has become so rare, in 2022, that it is in a good place, in the window of a delicatessen: some mustard Edmont Fallot, from Beaune (near Dijon) or the violet one, from Brive, with grape must.

Marie-Edwige Hebrard

Practice. Labeled Terroirs, 2, rue Émile-Duclaux, is open Tuesday to Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Facebook page of the shop: Labeled Terroirs.

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