Tarasenko in Chicago to help Bedard, O’Reilly in Vancouver


The Oilers are one of many teams that will be aggressive this summer.

At least that’s what I understand when I read David Pagnotta tweeting that the team is looking to add a quality striker AND a quality defender in the coming months.

To do this, the Oilers could bet on Philip Broberg in a possible trade.

Broberg, the 2019 first-round pick (the 8th overall), is a hot prospect in the NHL at the defenseman position and could become interesting for a team looking to add some youth to its roster.

Now you have to wonder what the Oilers are willing to do to bring in help for Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl.

If they play their cards right… They might be fine.

Ryan O’Reilly in Vancouver?

The script, to me, doesn’t make much sense.

Elliotte Friedman wondered in his podcast if the Canucks might be interested in signing Ryan O’Reilly as the Vancouver roster looks to add a center to its roster.

On the side of the Canucks, it is certain and certain that the addition of a good veteran like O’Reilly would help the team in one way or another. But, on the side of O’Reilly, I simply do not see why he would decide to engage with a formation that has been looking for itself for so many years.

At his age (32), I see him getting on much better with a team that can aspire to major honors in the near future… Because if we take into account his drop in production, maybe he doesn’t care. not much left to give in the NHL.

But O’Reilly is a good veteran and has the potential to help the Canucks’ young roster. I would understand if they have a real interest in the center player this summer.

Vladimir Tarasenko in Chicago… To complete Connor Bedard?

Vladimir Tarasenko was acquired by the Rangers at the latest NHL trade deadline.

He turned out to be a rental player since the Russian finds himself without a contract for the next season, he who is eligible for complete autonomy…

And, this same Elliotte Friedman wondered whether he could complete Connor Bedard in Chicago next year.

You know what? I really like the idea.

THE Hawks could allow Bedsy to have (at least) a quality winger and the arrival of a sniper like Tarasenko would certainly help him accumulate the points, even in his first season in the NHL.


I’m not really worried about the offensive production of the phenomenon. It may be a bit daring, but I wouldn’t be too surprised to see him reach the 90-point plateau next year…

Especially if he can count on Tarasenko on the wing.

Jordan Staal and Anthony Duclair, about to leave their respective teams?

These are two completely different cases, but they are still two interesting cases.

Jordan Staal, who wears the « C » on his jersey in Carolina, could leave the Hurricanes this summer. At least, that’s the impression it gives when you know that discussions have not started between his clan and that of the team concerning a possible contract extension.

The veteran center player could test the free agent market… But, Darren Dreger reminds that there is a chance that the situation will take a different turn soon.

Duclair, he is younger and could find a good contract in the summer of 2024. That’s the major difference between Staal and him: Duclair still has a year to play on his current contract.

But, there is a certain resemblance in the perspective where he too could leave his club this summer. The Panthers are looking for a defenseman…

And Pierre LeBrun mentioned his name in a potential trade sending Noah Hanifin to the hot Florida sun. It’s not crazy though.

The Capitals would actively try to move up to the draft

That is particularly interesting. This is because we know the Capitals’ desire to draft Matvei Michkov.

David Pagnotta reported earlier on Twitter that the Washington team is currently trying to move up to the draft. Of course, there are easy connections to be made between this and Michkov…

And you have to wonder how serious they are in their approach.

We know that Kent Hughes is currently using Michkov to confuse the cards in the next repechage and if the Russian is still available in fifth place, when the CH will have to speak…

Maybe the GM of the Canadian could dance with that of the Capitals. It makes sense to me.

In the same tweet, Pagnotta reports that the Leafs are looking to trade their 28th overall pick for immediate help.

Are we talking about a defender here? From an attacker? From a guardian?

There is the question…

And I still believe that we can expect changes in the Queen City this summer. I refuse to think that they will field the same formation in the first game of next season.

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