Tampa Bay celebrated its heroes, the trophy almost ended up in the water

Nicolas Kohlhuber, Media365: published on Thursday 11 February 2021 at 20:41

After the Buccaneers’ Super Bowl victory, the city of Tampa Bay celebrated its heroes. An astonishing parade took place and Tom Brady is once again illustrated. Drunk, he took a lot of risks to throw the Vince Lombardi trophy to a teammate.

This Wednesday, as since Sunday and the victory of the Buccaneers over the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl (31-9), the atmosphere was at the party on the side of Tampa Bay. Despite the health measures to stem the Covid-19 pandemic, a parade was organized by the Florida franchise. But it had nothing to do with anything that had been done before by sacred franchises in the various US Sports Championships. On boats, the players sailed up the Hillsborough River which crosses the city. The atmosphere was festive with thousands of supporters who had settled on the banks and some of them who accompanied the players by boat, pedal boat or jet-ski. Not all Tampa Bay residents followed the authorities’ direction when celebrating the second Super Bowl victory in Bucs history.

But the craziest scene of the day was not the gathering of several thousand supporters. During the parade, Tom Brady distinguished himself with a much more unusual pass than those which allowed Rob Gronkovski to register touchdowns. From his boat, the Vida a Vida, the quarterback sent the Vince Lombardi Trophy to Cameron Brate who was on another boat. The 43-year-old has certainly made the riskiest pass of his career with a 55cm trophy which weighs 3kg and whose value is estimated at 25,000 euros. « If I had let him down? I think I would have retired, » admitted his tight-end teammate. Tom Brady had a good laugh after this action which made those around him nervous. His daughter in particular advised him against doing so, but it was too late. When it made landfall, the Super Bowl MVP looked heavily intoxicated. A state that he did not deny on social networks.

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