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talkSPORT is modifying its schedule this season to maximize listeners’ insight and entertainment.

Andy Goldstein takes over as the lead presenter of talkSPORT Drive, bringing his trademark wit and humor four times a week alongside an on-air combination of Darren Gough and Darren Bent.

Meanwhile, Adrian Durham becomes talkSPORT’s main live football presenter for Premier League and EFL coverage, as the station expands coverage to all English clubs to reflect his passion for English football in all divisions.

Andy Goldstein is your new Drive host

The split host format on Drive follows the success of the two-time award-winning talkSPORT Breakfast, which won the award for Best Speech Breakfast Show at ARIAS, and Laura Woods, who won the Presenter Award from the ARIAS. year at the Sports Journalism Awards.

The new format sees Laura and Ally McCoist host a Monday-Wednesday breakfast with Alan Brazil in the presidency on Thursdays and Fridays and an inside Premier League look from Troy Deeney and Andros Townsend throughout the week. .

Further strengthening the Breakfast Team, Darren Gough will join Thursday Breakfast to make it a Breakfast of Legends alongside Alan Brazil and Ally McCoist. Gough will also air three talkSPORT Drive shows per week.

Meanwhile, Jamie O’Hara will take on the lead role of the Sports Bar which will feature more appearances from talkSPORT regulars including Gabby Agbonlahor, Courtney Sweetman-Kirk and Lianne Sanderson.

Jamie O'Hara will now have to control Jason Cundy

Jamie O’Hara will now have to control Jason Cundy

Listeners can still chat with Andy Goldstein at the Sports Bar on Mondays where he will continue to host the show he is famous for.

Hugh Woozencroft will take the chair on Thursday and Friday evenings with a fully visualized phone call on Saturday as part of the station’s main GameDay coverage.

TalkSPORT chief Lee Clayton said: “We are changing the talkSPORT schedule with a new roster that will see us share our star cast in our award-winning lineup to keep it fresh, insightful and entertaining as we promote our talents and productions.

“Andy Goldstein is a bright, lively and super talented presenter who will bring pleasure to Drive. I imagine Gough and Bent will have to be on the lookout; there will not be a moment’s rest! Having been an extremely popular Sports Bar presenter, Goldstein will present a different Drive show.

“Plus, the breakfast is getting bigger with legendary Darren Gough joining Alan Brazil and Ally McCoist, making Thursday a true breakfast of legends.

“Jamie O’Hara stars in a supercharged sports bar, taking calls from football fans Tuesday through Thursday. O’Hara is never shy with an opinion and, alongside resident Jason Cundy, they will offer a unique insight into the locker room and overwhelming verdicts. It should be accompanied by a health warning.

Andy Goldstein said: “Hosting the Sports Bar has been amazing and I am proud to have had such a brilliant, loyal and knowledgeable group of listeners to share the trip with. I am extremely happy to get into talkSPORT Drive and look forward to welcoming you all as we move forward together with the greatest sports news, the best guests and the usual high octane, hilarity and insight. . I can’t wait to take some of the best callers from the Sports Bar to Drive, but obviously leaving the gunk behind… you know who you are!

Jamie O’Hara said: “The Sports Bar is the late night destination for sports enthusiasts. I can’t wait to lead the show and bring all the big news, moves, and opinions to the fans.

TalkSPORT Breakfast Program
On Monday: Laura Woods and Ally McCoist
Tuesday: Laura Woods and Ally McCoist
Wednesday: Laura Woods and Ally McCoist
Thursday: Alan Brazil and his friends
Friday: Alan Brazil, Ally McCoist and Darren Gough

TalkSPORT Drive Calendar
On Monday: Adrian Durham and Darren Gough
Tuesday: Andy Goldstein and Darren Gough
Wednesday: Andy Goldstein and Darren Gough
Thusday: Andy Goldstein and Darren Bent
Friday: Andy Goldstein and Darren Bent

talkSPORT sports bar schedule
On Monday: Andy Goldstein and Jason Cundy
Tuesday: Jamie O’Hara and Jason Cundy
Wednesday: Jamie O’Hara and Jason Cundy
Thusday: Jamie O’Hara and Jason Cundy
Friday: Adam catterall


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