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Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.

By Gokul Krishnamoorthy

Zee5 | Stories from our world

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. It takes seven words to say it. Copy things. “If this is our reality, imagine our stories. This killer punch ends after a series of colorful and vivid images that one will easily associate with the region. The visuals do justice to the “world” of South Asia. This allows the brand to promise “Stories from our world”.

Cadbury Dairy Milk | #HeartHate (2021)

Purple hearts are back, with more disturbing cases of cyberbullying targeting young people. Very real themes like bodily humiliation and preying on the people of the Northeast create believable stories. You can’t help but feel for the victim. A case film explains how the brand actually succeeds, persisting with stories until the viewer supports the victim.

Domino’s | #HaathBadhaoIndia

‘Mere desh ko haath badhana aata hai’ begins with cases of people doing all they can and helping others during the time of Covid. These images will remain for life with some of us who saw misery from the start and also discovered angels among us. Domino’s uses those same visuals with his powerful line before asking people to reach out again – this time for a vaccination. He signs with a subtle and brief message that all his staff have the blows. The film draws us in before it does the job.

Tata Tea Premium | Kadak Mumbai Ke Liye Kadak Chai

Tata Tea Premium | Sarvaguni Maharashtra Ke Liye Sarvaguni Chai

After tackling Delhi, UP, Punjab, Haryana, Orissa, Tamil Nadu (Chakra Gold), Bengal (Gold), Kerala (Kannan Devan), Tata Tea (Premium) comes to Maharashtra and does justice to Mumbai’s uniqueness with a film separate reflecting the special flavor of the city. We had to think about it to arrive at a pleasant approach for each region. Beyond that, it is also amazing to see the difference in the interpretations of « Kadak » in the work for Orissa, Haryana and Mumbai.

MakeMyTravel | Big sale of Indian trips

What made us stay put without traveling is comically presented by the travel portal before the exciting offer is communicated. The well-executed device of exaggerated humor manages to pique and maintain viewers’ interest.

MyGlamm | Tell MyGlamm what you want

A lipstick that listens to you? Interesting way of expressing that this is a brand that listens to you to manufacture its products. Even the road of the jealous partner does not look jaded.

KFC | Double Down Burger | All chicken, without brioche

Superb on-screen performance helps the brand achieve this. At the heart of it is a slice of reality that has been perfectly captured. The type of behavior (scouring the dish and monopolizing all the meat) is attributed to the love for the chicken and then goes into the solution – the Double Down Burger. Quite relatable, very watchable.

Spotify India | Dil Filmy Toh Suno Filmy

India’s obsession with film music is often attributed to the long-standing “cinema equals entertainment” equation. Even today, film music is numero uno and a product for this mass audience plays on the love for film music across generations. Pass effortlessly.

Thums Up | Toofan Wahi Jo Sab #PalatDe

India’s best-selling cola brand has a stated intention to go global and we have seen it announce itself as a “global partner” at the Tokyo Games. “Toofan” was chosen by the brand and perfectly aligned with the “Palat De” theme of this campaign. The only thing that could have been avoided is to show the Olympians drinking the soft drink. It just seems a little unreal and forced. But I guess there wouldn’t be a movie or sponsorship without it. Well, if we can accept cricketers selling music CDs, then that’s fine too.

ABP Desam | Our news, in our language (Telugu)

Although there are subtitles, I enlisted the help of two native Telugu speakers on this one – one who has just started working and the other who is about to take his retirement. The film seems to have captured the pulse of his TG rather well. It plays to the audience with references to the things that unite Telugu speakers, most of which are common to AP and Telangana. What it perhaps lacks is a basic differentiator in its category besides being youth-oriented and trendy.

upGrad | Kya Degree Milegi? | Online licenses

The worry and uncertainty that cloud young people worried about their education and their future are here dispelled by the brand. But first, their uncertainty is visualized in a small town in India, where the brand hopes to take graduate online courses at reputable universities. Refreshing to see young people by a body of water in an online educational advertisement. Well, the ad is for them.

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