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Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.

By Gokul Krishnamoorthy

Manyavar Mohey | Tradition Wahi Soch Nayi | #KanyaMaan

There is therefore still a controversy around an announcement! This time, for Alia to pitch for #KanyaMaan instead of #KanyaMaan, for Mohey from Manyavar. I would look at the positive changes she is fighting for. In all religions in India what we have traditionally followed as a system is that the girl moves with her in-laws or at least away from her paternal home. Through the languages, we have heard different forms of « She must one day go to another house ». It never felt right and hence the #KanyaMaan pitch resonates.

WhatsApp | See once | Go forward

The brand appears to have provided a refined ‘use case’ for the new product offering. The story of the evolving sane and mature young couple is warm but real. The situations are credible and at any time the spectator may be hoping for a reunion. But it was the perfect ending for the ‘View Once’ offer.

Mahindra Truck and Bus | Furio 7 | #DoubleWarranty

Long before Van Damme did an “Epic Split” atop two Volvo trucks, our man Ajay Devgn did something like that on bikes in Bollywood. Mahindra is leveraging that association to put it on top of two of its Furio 7 trucks and communicate a double warranty – on mileage and resale value. Cleverly done.

CEAT tires | Switch to SecuraDrive | Locust

Some brands consistently offer top quality creative work in their categories and CEAT should be one of them. It’s a great use of the star and a smart, positive pivot around human behavior to ride the tire. At the end of the day, the roads are still full of idiots. I look forward to the other spots in this campaign.

CRED | Ideal for good | Neeraj Chopra

Much has been said about Neeraj Chopra’s acting skills, so I will refrain from adding my two tracks. The brand continues to prove that it is possible to consistently stand out by using the stars in a different way. In this case, it was someone who had just made the country proud, not an established cricket or Bollywood star. It’s also classy comedy stuff of the best variety – the dig on the brand manager, the newspaper, the big Bollywood… the genius. The public relations capacity of these campaigns and therefore the return on investment of CRED? Invaluable.

Google | #BolneSeSabHoga (September 2021)

Two very worthy sequels to the first film in the #BolneSeSabHoga series were released in September, also starring actor Gajraj Rao. The situations are relatable and the line sticks. What better way to articulate a voice search pitch than this one?

Swiggy | Instamart Swiggy | Salt

When I saw this during IPL, I thought Swiggy had taken it out of the park once again. But this is from a totally different menu and in a different category. The only similarities here with the unforgettable work of the food delivery app are the age of the protagonist and a brave customer who chooses edgy over safety. Doing a dig at « Aapki main toothpaste namak hai » was a masterstroke of an idea. The reminder of this campaign is conveyed effortlessly by the marauding (and directionless) TV reporter. Swiggy Instamart delivers.

Khatabook | Doctor Dhande Ka | Loss movement | Dependalytis

A young (older) thala fan from Chennai with whom I spoke wondered why Dhoni allowed himself to appear in all kinds of « joker roles ». I guess it’s because it’s a sport. Other than that, the most important thing for us is to determine if it works for the brand. ‘Dhande Ka Doctor’ should ring a bell in the minds of the small traders he addresses. This doctor manifesting as Dhoni, making a dashing entry, shouldn’t hurt the memory.

upGrad | Quickly advance your career

The idea of ​​becoming the boss of your peers with an online course becomes interesting when that boss happens to be the only woman in the frame. Add a few of his cocky male teammates and it gets more interesting. Treatment consciously avoids emphasizing gender roles while asserting one’s point of view. The follow-up films are also nuanced. The easy camaraderie between the new boss and her “friends” makes it stand out, while allowing the brand to clarify its advantage.

Slice | Nothing like a credit card | Very fast

Impressive; unique proposition was delivered making good use of just 15 seconds. That said, there is not much to know about the product. I guess there are more movies to come.

Britannia 50 50 | Potazos | Aakhri Khwaish

It might not sound like a radically new idea, but with the right investment in production and top notch talent on screen, it does the job pretty well. This certainly makes the product curious.

HP | | Kuch Karne Ka

Upbeat song and interesting video, featuring creators future creators will admire. The initiative the video was made for is perfect. How the brand builds this community beyond learning and mentoring opportunities will determine the real impact of this campaign’s promising start.

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