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Along with Deni Avdija, Thomas Bryant and Daniel Gafford, Rui Hachimura is part of the nucleus of young elements that the Wizards hope to develop. For his second year in the NBA, position 4 confirmed its full potential with the key to some memorable performances such as his outings at 29 and 30 points respectively against the Bucks and the Hornets during a month of March when he had turned to 17 points (at 40% at 3-points) and 6.4 rebounds on average over 14 games.

But what he remembers above all is to have been able to participate in his first series of playoffs, an event always awaited for a young player and consecutive to a big end of the regular season of the group of Scott Brooks.

“When you look at the whole season, we started at the edge of the cliff (8 losses in the first 10 games) and we pushed all the way to the playoffs so it shows that we have something here that is worth it. to fight. This is a good thing « , he recalled.

The X factor of Game 4

The Wizards were therefore rewarded for their efforts by snatching the 8th spot after two barrage laps. The icing on the cake, Rui Hachimura was heavily involved, including 42 and 43 minutes of play over the last two games.

“The fact that I’ve had so much playing time in the playoffs means the team trusts me, and I feel like I’ve delivered results. It was a great experience for me. It was a big step in my basketball career ”, he continued, adding that he still had a lot to do to continue to progress, in defense in particular.

The intensity of a series of playoffs, the exploitation of the weaknesses of the opponent, the importance of adjustments and the repetition of oppositions against the same team, Rui Hachimura had to experience everything that makes the specificity of a series of playoffs.

“The key was the way we worked together collectively. We had to study the scouting reports in depth, know our opponents inside and out, and I’m sure they did the same, so I knew it was whoever would give it the most ” .

While Washington was at the edge of the sweep, Rui Hachimura notably turned into an X factor in Game 4 with 20 points at 8/12 shooting (3/6 at 3-points), 13 rebounds. The Wizards trusted him, and Gonzaga’s ex-resident paid them back a hundredfold. Its Game 5 was also well made. Now it’s time to rest!

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