« Take advantage of the 2024 Olympics to develop sport »: in the Oise, around fifteen new sports facilities will see the light of day

In the heart of the priority district of Clos des Roses, in Compiègne, a dozen young people are having fun in the brand new city stadium of the Leisure park on the banks of the Oise. “They come here every day to play basketball or football, and they stay until closing time! says the park warden, happy with such success, barely a month after the inauguration of this new sports facility.

This city stadium is one of fifteen new sports facilities financed by the “Proximity Sports Equipment Program”, a national plan launched as part of the 2024 Olympic Games, intended for priority neighborhoods and rural areas. Out of a budget of 200 million euros, 784,000 euros have been allocated to Oise,

A dozen city stadiums in neighborhoods and rural areas

In Montagny-Sainte-Félicité, a small town in the south of the Oise, a city stadium convertible into an ice rink has been selected. “In half a day, we will be able to transform the artificial turf of the football field into an ice-skating track,” enthuses Jean-Paul Douet, mayor of the town.

For the 430 inhabitants of the village, access to sport has not always been easy. « However, it is not because we live in a rural town that we should not have the right to the same equipment as elsewhere » insists the mayor.

The future city stadium will be used by schools but also by the football club and the arc company. « This infrastructure will allow young people to discover new sporting disciplines, to give birth to passions, even perhaps vocations », hopes Jean Paul Douet.

« It allows you to get out of the apartments »

The installation of this city stadium in the small town costs a total of 100,000 euros: the Program of local sports equipment makes it possible to finance half of it. Work will start by the end of the year. Seven other city stadiums will be built in the department: in Bouillancy, Blicourt, Espaubourg, Jaux, Monneville, Ognes, Liancourt-Saint-Pierre.

In the Clos des roses district, in Compiègne, the city stadium was inaugurated last July. “During the summer holidays, not everyone necessarily has the means to leave the neighbourhood, so having land like this allows you to get out of the apartments a bit,” says the park warden.

The city stadium is part of a brand new park, and is accompanied by a muscle building area but also a zip line, games for the little ones, barbecues for families. « The place is very friendly, it really changes the image of the district » notes with pride Alou Bagayoko, municipal councilor in charge of the project.

Tennis court, skate park and bowling alley

“In the Oise, this national program will make it possible to develop ultra-local equipment, made available to everyone to encourage the spontaneous practice of sport” underlines Sébastien Lime, secretary general of the prefecture of Oise.

Because the city stadiums are not the only constructions planned: two padel courts will see the light of day in Breteuil, but also a skate park in Sainte-Geneviève, as well as a bi-cross zone and a bowling alley in Liancourt.

“The dynamics of the 2024 Olympics should not only be an opportunity to develop sport in Paris, supports Sébastien Lime. With this financing plan, the Oise will take advantage of the event and renovate many sports facilities, so that our local clubs can benefit from it in the future”.

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