Swore. In the upper Jura, a rental Ferrari ends up on its roof and in the mud

A Ferrari on the roof in a small Jura village, the image is unusual. Yet this is what happened during the night of Saturday 1er to Sunday October 2 at La Chaumusse.

A car rented in Switzerland

While traveling in the direction of Champagnole – Saint-Laurent-en-Grandvaux, a Ferrari 488 GTB escaped the control of its driver. The facts occurred around 1 a.m., in front of the village hall where a wedding was celebrated.

A powerful car

The small car, rented in Switzerland, and dating from 2016, ended its swerve in a meadow below the roadway made wet by the rain. Fortunately, the accident caused no injuries. The driver managed to get out of the cabin unharmed. But the beautiful Italian, taken out of its unfortunate position by the Lugand garage, in Saint-Laurent-en-Grandvaux, was unusable. The most powerful of this little toy costs nearly €300,000 new, and more than €200,000 second-hand.

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