Swore. At 31, she multiplies her performance in adapted sport

From the small terrace in the center of Mouchard, Lucie Catallo greets passers-by. She knows almost all of them. Few know that behind this quiet young woman of 31, looms a great champion in adapted sport, who, since 2014 and the beginning of her sporting commitment, has collected national medals in disciplines as different as judo or archery. ‘bow. 2022 was no exception: “It was even ‘my’ year: silver medal in judo in Mèze, near Sète, and gold medal in archery in Mâcon. What display a broad smile.

Sport to thrive

The Muscadian champion is happy: “Sport allows me to flourish, to have fun, to have fun while spending my energy. It opens up a whole new potential for communication, to get the message of integration across. I take advantage of my medals to relaunch an appeal to our society so that people take us into full consideration. Much has been done, but there is still so much to do. And then I travel. It’s beautiful, France. The atmosphere is excellent between us. I find friends that I have known for a long time, we exchange. »

Lucie, who trains with the « valid » in Champagnole, is considering a black belt in judo. She thinks of her best supporters: Corinne, her mother, « she encourages me just like my stepfather », her sister, her two brothers « they have their lives, but they think of me », her trainers Ludovic Michelet. Angele Charnoz, Alice Ballaud. Éric Delandrave in judo, Mélanie Girod, Parick Stentz in archery: “They are our guides. They organize, advise. With them, we move forward and we find ourselves motivated like never before at the end of each year… facing the next one. »

The recovery is just around the corner and with it the hope of adding a few medals to a rich collection. Trophies that she may celebrate in the Dole region since she is considering a career change in market gardening and vegetable production in an establishment in Foucherans.

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