Switzerland: Indoor sport goes 2G – News

Since Monday, Switzerland has restricted access to covered facilities, such as a velodrome. The organizers have the choice between two formulas: 2G or 2G +.

In the first (2G), only vaccinated and cured people can enter. Wearing a mask is compulsory, except for sportsmen in action and young people under 16 years old.

In the case of 2G +, to enter the room, people whose last vaccine or recovery is more than four months old, must test negative. If this condition allows the event to take place without a mask, wearing it remains recommended except, always, for athletes in action. For elite athletes, the 3G rule (possibility of presenting a negative test without being vaccinated) can be applied indoors.

For outdoor events, if the mask is not compulsory, it is strongly recommended, except for runners in action. If less than 300 people are present, no certificate is requested. Between 300 and 1000 people present, the rule of 3G applies. That is, all people must present a certificate of vaccination, cure or a negative test. If the total attendance exceeds 1000 people, the organizer must request authorization from the Canton.

However, a Canton can decide to toughen these federal measures on its territory.

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