Switzerland: Floran Douay and Tim Bozon to Lausanne?

If the Covid-19 torments Swiss hockey, gives a cold sweat to its leaders who see a perilous season advancing with few spectators (and therefore very few cash inflows), the rumors of transfers are running. always like every offseason.

According to The morning, the French-speaking daily, French attackers Tim Bozon and Floran Douay could leave Genève Servette, travel a few kilometers along Lake Geneva and find a reception port on the Lausanne side.

Locker room quarrels

The reason ? Save the balance of a locker room. In Lausanne, he experienced some upheavals and the leaders of the club sought to remove the Swiss striker Joel Vermin in the heart of these internal quarrels.

Also the Lausanne HC turned to its neighbor to consider an exchange of players. Against Vermin, Tim Bozon, Floran Douay and the young Swiss player Guillaume Maillard would have been proposed.

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