Suspicion of bad news for Bronny James

As he prepares to start his senior season in high school before making the leap to college or the professional world, Bronny James has apparently experienced a personal upheaval. Let’s hope, if it’s true, that the Young King doesn’t let this situation affect him too much…

It’s back to school, but for Bronny James, no regrets: the summer has been full and productive. After a generally successful 2021-22 season with Sierra Canyon, which allowed him to enter the top 40 of his vintage in the sacrosanct ranking of ESPN, the son of James went on a summer tour with the California Basketball Club. In France, England and Italy, Bronny shone, solidifying his status a little more a year from the end of his high school course.

What will happen to the Young King next? No one knows, maybe not even himself. The professional world (G-League, foreign championships) will inevitably make eyes at Bryce’s brother, but it is the NCAA that seems to be holding the rope at the moment. The goal: play there for a year, then join dad Bron in the NBA. But in the meantime, it’s another concern that the young hope must manage.

Bronny James separated from his girlfriend?

On a personal level, it’s been several months since Bronny appeared on the arm of a certain Peyton Gelfuso, with whom he seemed to spin the perfect love.

Only, the couple has not been seen together for many months now, and the rumors of separation continue to intensify. If nothing is official as it stands, it wouldn’t be surprising if the news were confirmed soon.

The context is obviously difficult to manage for Bronny, who cannot let this disappointment impact him at the dawn of the most important season of his career. Now a senior at Sierra Canyon, son James will recover even more responsibilities, and will have to shine to the maximum to boost his rating before next spring. While waiting to see him again at work, a little appetizer with the highlights of the guard during his time in Paris:

Like any teenager, Bronny James may have just experienced heartbreak. It is hoped that the Young King, who turns 18 next month, will recover quickly from this painful situation, and will not be impacted on the pitch in this crucial season.

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