Surprise, Porsche announces its own Superchargers

It won’t just be Ionity. During a conference, the management of Porsche has just announced a project for fast charging stations, without going through the partnership or consortium box. The deployment is initially reserved for Europe before continuing in Asia and the United States. Like Tesla with its Superchargers, Porsche will have its own charging network.

“We jointly invest in premium charging stations alongside partners and in our own charging infrastructure”, said Oliver Blume, head of Porsche – as the company works on an IPO. Three countries are initially concerned: Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The calendar is not yet available and we do not know how many stations or steles will be deployed next year.

At the same time, Porsche gave some additional details on its range of electric cars which is set to grow. « At least » two 100% electric models will join the Taycan by 2025, namely the Macan and the 718. An SUV and a sports coupe, but no 911 on the horizon yet.

Porsche, which is part of the Volkswagen group and shares many parts with Audi, takes its time to develop models that will not degrade the brand’s image, particularly in terms of chassis capabilities, driving pleasure, performance and autonomy. At the same time, offering a sufficient charging network to simplify the purchase of models is essential.

“It’s not just about charging”

Like Tesla, charging stations won’t just be charging stations. “It’s not just about charging, but also about getting more convenience towards our customers”said Meschke. « And it’s very important to us that we not only focus on electrifying our cars, but also on the customer journey beyond the car. »

On January 31, its American competitor made an announcement with very significant consequences on the electric car market. In a pilot program, Tesla opened 16 Superchargers to competition in France, enough to offer greater charging possibilities to customers of other brands. Porsche can benefit from it too, but the manufacturer seems to see a threat there. Terminals can be a source of remuneration for a builder and a means of building customer loyalty.

If he is « too early » to talk about the number of stations, the cost and the schedule, the boss of Porsche did not hesitate to say that his partnerships with Ionity and his contribution to Electrify America will continue at the same rate of investment.

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