Surprise, Ferrari is ahead of Tesla and Rivian on the electric!

Ferrari has not yet fully entered the electric car business, but it is already considered one of the companies with the best prospects (also) in the world of electric vehicles.

At least the forecasts of Morgan Stanley, the American investment bank, which placed the Maranello brand at the top of its list of the most promising stocks in the electricity sector by 2022.

Ferrari, which has in fact only recently entered the world of electric cars with its first hybrid models and will not present any 100% electric supercar before a few years, finished ahead of companies already active in the sector such as Rivian, an emerging start-up, and especially Tesla, today leader in the EV market with nearly a million all-electric vehicles delivered just in 2021.

A name, a guarantee

In a note sent to investors with the new ranking of the most interesting stock options for 2022, according to Morgan stanley, Ferrari (name on NYSE, RACE) has today « 100% market capitalization in the combustion engine sector where it represents the state of the art, but can easily pass the same role in the electric vehicle sector. This makes RACE our preferred stock for 2022 in the field. electric vehicles « .

Ferrari SF90 Spider

In short, it is to be hoped that Ferrari, even as a niche manufacturer, will be a major player in the coming years of the electric transition.

Ahead of everyone

Ferrari knocked General Motors out of the top spot in Morgan Stanley’s list of the best stocks to invest in electric vehicles, which slipped back to No.5, just ahead of US company Fisker, which will launch the Ocean SUV this year. In the middle, in third position, between Rivian 2nd and Tesla 4th, we find Freyr, a Norwegian sustainable energy company dedicated to the production of battery cells.

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