Surprise destination for Sergio Ramos?


Posted on July 15, 2023

Updated July 15, 2023

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The temptation of real change… At 37, the Spanish footballer Sergio Ramos finds himself free of any contract and for the moment without a club following his recent departure from Paris Saint-Germain a few weeks ago now. While his profile appeals to many clubs on the Old Continent, it is nevertheless far from Europe that the defender’s future could be written. A final challenge in the country where football is king?

Flamengo flirts with the Spaniard

While Sergio Ramos left the capital club due to the arrival of new coach Luis Enrique who had already dismissed him from the Spanish national team a few years ago, there are avenues leading to a return to La Liga (including on the side of Seville, his training club), or a departure for Saudi Arabia, quickly emerged. For the moment, there is nothing. On the contrary, according to information from the Spanish newspaper Marca, the future destination of the defender could rather be in Brazil and more particularly on the side of Flamengo.

Towards a Sergio Ramos/David Luiz pair?

The Brazilian club would have the idea of ​​​​associating the former Spanish international with another glory of world football within its defense: the former Brazilian international David Luiz, he already present at the club. As he keeps himself in shape and trains for the moment alone while waiting to find out what his future will hold, Sergio Ramos seems determined to take his time to decide what to do next with his immense career.

An end of career to choose

After more than 20 years spent in Europe, Sergio Ramos could therefore be tempted by an adventure on the South American continent within a legendary club. A challenge up to the wishes of the player who would still like to evolve at the highest level next season?


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