Support Touchdown Actu sur Tipeee: the badges have arrived

Pines ? There is none left. So it was an opportunity to change things up a bit, with a novelty: TDActu badges. It’s a little more modern, and what’s more, it’s cheaper!

Want to display the TDActu logo everywhere and support us in all circumstances? ? Head to our Tipeee fund.

Spring on a trip?

In the spring, we would like to travel a bit, and record a few shows far from Paris. So don’t hesitate to participate in our Tipeee fundraiser to help all of this.

How can I help?

The principle is simple, you just have to register and choose how much you want to give each month. It may very well be just a single euro. Small torrents make great rivers! If you don’t feel like paying anymore, you can stop or change the amount at any time. In particular, it is possible to use Paypal.

Everyone has their own view of the press, and we know that some of our readers prefer to donate a few dollars and block the ad. We understand that very well.

Everything remains free on the site. Everyone will have access to the same content. It is simply for those who can and those who want to support the life of the site. If you don’t feel like it, you don’t have to do anything.

Support Touchdown Actu on Tipeee

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