Support the Gardois in the resumption of sport

Lhe crisis has done a lot of damage to sports policy », sighs Vincent Bouget, departmental councilor (PCF) of the canton of Nîmes 3, sports delegate. Already at the end of 2020, the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF) had announced a loss of 1.6 million licensees in the federations. In question in particular: the forced confinement of the population. Its impact will not have spared the sports clubs of the Gard. «  The loss of licensees has affected almost all sports », recalls the elected communist. But it’s time for recovery. «  The department wants to support all structures, even beyond elite sports. »

To achieve this, the Gard Departmental Council wishes to take advantage of the Paris Olympics in 2024, with the flagship project of modernizing the Méjannes-le-Clap departmental sports center. It should benefit from nearly 15 million euros of investment to become first and foremost a training center for cycling, 3×3 basketball and breakdance. “A first phase of work will be carried out from October to next June to rehabilitate the center”, describes Vincent Bouget. The second phase will take place after the Games «  to add modern equipment so that all audiences can get together, even occasionally »he adds.

For «  surf on the natural increase in the number of licensees after the Games »the Department also wishes to support young sports hopefuls from the Gard. «  We have created a scholarship that will help around fifty young people in their training course »announces the sports delegate.

The Department’s strategy is clear: to create a link between professional athletes and amateurs. «  Young athletes are driving forces once they become pros. They are the ones who sometimes make you want to practice »summarizes Vincent Bouget. «  It’s a virtuous circle. »

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