Supernats 25 in Las Vegas: Thomas Nepveu Top 20 in X30 Senior class; podium for Ben Cooper in X30 Master

Monday, November 21, 2022 by Eliane Gilain

A few Quebec drivers took part last weekend in Supernats 25, a karting event bringing together the best North American specialists in the discipline in addition to a few European drivers and road circuit stars, on a temporary circuit laid out in Las Vegas.

Thomas Nepveu was driving the Trinity Karting Group kart No.324 (pictured above) in the X30 Senior class during the event which included three Heats (qualifying races) and a final race. The driver from Oka finished in 19th place. XZachary Claman Demelo for his part finished 11th while Patrick Woods-Tooth retired in the final of this category.

“It was a fun weekend, with ups and downs,” says Thomas Nepveu. “Unfortunately I had an accident during the first race. Because of that, I had to start from the back of the grid in the final. After a stormy start where I was hooked on the first lap, I had a good comeback to finish in 19th position! he adds.

As Thomas mentioned before the event, the SuperNationals is the most popular race of the season. We found there in particular the Briton Ben Cooper, former world champion in karting and resident in Quebec, and the Australian Will Power, reigning champion of the IndyCar series. Both were racing in the X30 Master series, Cooper finishing 3rd in a race won by Thomas Grise. Power was sent off after finishing 4th.

In X30 Senior, the final was won by Evan Giltaire. Thomas Nepveu has distinguished himself in the Top 10 twice; in the second qualifying race he finished in 8th position, and in the third where he finished 5th. It was during the first qualifying heat that he finished 27th, which handicapped him for the rest of the weekend.

“I am very proud to have won 5th position in the 3rd race. It’s a great accomplishment that I will remember. I would have liked to win again like in 2016, but it’s only a postponement until next year! underlines Thomas, who won the grand final in the Mini Swift class in 2016. At the time, he was ahead of drivers who now race in single-seaters, such as Thomas, as well as Sebastian Montoya, nephew of Juan-Pablo Montoya, today. now an IMSA Endurance driver with his uncle.

Thomas’ 2022 season is therefore coming to an end, and ends on a high note: « If I look at the season that has just ended, I am happy with what we have achieved, both at the USF2000 level, than in karting. I think it is essential for a high-level driver to continue to go kart, because this discipline sharpens the senses and allows you to keep your hand. I had the chance to participate in major karting events, and I intend to be back next year”.

“In USF2000, I made the podium at Road America, having won the race there in 2021, and finished 2nd on the streets of Toronto, ahead of my family and partners. There have been a lot of good times this year, and a few lows, but that’s part of motorsport. I can’t wait to unveil my 2023 plans! he concludes.

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