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The English winger, who landed last season in France, is at an excellent level like the whole team and for him success is in two words: Steve McNamara.

Tom Davies returned to The Sun on the impact of coach Steve McNamara on the team. A coach who welcomed him on the first day in an Irish pub, proof of the coach’s closeness to his players. Tom Davies explains:

People don’t see what’s going on behind the scenes, they just see the wins, they don’t see the fact that he’s not just a coach, he’s trying to take care of the 35 guys. We have guys from Australia, New Zealand, England and France and to make sure we’re together as a team every player and their family have to be happy. When Steve arrived, the team was playing the Million Pound Game. The following year we won at Wembley, then at Camp Nou, now we have the League Leader’s Shield.

Davies adds:

Steve is here all alone. This is why he understands how important it is here to be happy. He thinks of everything and he is solely responsible for the fact that we are the team that we are today. I got here and team manager Alex Chan took me to the local pub, introduced me to some of the locals, sat down and had a drink. Steve came later, but when you get home-like comforts, you think you’re not going to leave anymore. I was 22 years old and I was all alone, it was the first time that I had moved away from my father and my mother. It was a big step, but it has all come a long way. Steve knows how difficult it can be and he always wants to be there for the guys. That’s why he’s so good.

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