Super League. St. Gallen had to settle for a disappointing draw.

First draw of the season for St. Gall and Lugano (1-1). At the kybunpark, the St. Gallen have once again lost points in the « money time ».

St. Gallen – Lugano 1-1

Credit Suisse Super League, Matchday 11, Season 22/23


Beaten on the wire in Basel and Bern by the Young Boys in the past two weeks, Peter Zeidler’s team conceded the equalizer in the 83rd minute. A badly negotiated referee’s ball by captain Lukas Görtler made the Ticino people happy for a break concluded by the Slovenian Zan Celar.

St. Gallen opened the scoring through Chadrac Aklolo in the 9th minute. We were then much closer to 2-0 than 1-1 before this fateful 83rd minute which was to change everything. And without a magnificent save from Lawrence Zigi at the end of the game, St. Gall would have conceded a … fourth defeat in a row in the league.


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