Super League – Saints beat Wigan without trembling – Rugby League

At the opening of the 13th day of the Super League, St Helens hosted Wigan. A shock despite the very poor passage of the Warriors in the league.

With 4 defeats in a row in the Super League, Wigan plummeted in the standings despite a start yet cannon. The Warriors were traveling to St Helens which for its part has not played the last two days. Despite everything the first quarter of an hour is balanced and the opening of the score intervenes on penalty by Lachlan Coote (2-0). In the process, Regan Grace comes to register the first try of the Saints who now lead 8-0. Wigan wants to get back to the mark but is way too unruly. Coote took the opportunity to register a new penalty before the 20th minute (10-0). Coote decidedly very prominent at the start of the match will be the next to score but this time he scores a try that he transforms (16-0). At the end of the period Wigan does not solve his problems and offensively does not achieve anything. A new penalty allows Coote to aggravate the mark. The Saints go to the locker room with a score of 18-0.

Back from the locker room, St Helens continues on his way and wants to take cover as quickly as possible. In the 49th minute, Percival scored the locals’ third try. Coote converts and St Helens leads 24-0. Wigan comes back in the game a bit and is dangerous. The Warriors ultimately succeed in saving the honor. Liam Farrell scores the first try of his own who come back to 24-6. There are 20 minutes to play and the pace drops, St Helens manages and Wigan tries to get back to the score without success. Finally nothing will be scored in this match and St Helens wins this shock. Wigan still in difficulty offensively loses again, the 5th defeat in a row and sees the top of the standings slip away.

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