Super League: Lausanne still deprived of victory –

Lausanne will still have to wait before celebrating its first Super League success this season. After leading 1-0, the Vaudois conceded a 1-1 draw in Lucerne on Matchday 5.

Lausanne could have lost everything in the 94th when Tasar found Diaw’s right post on a small pricked ball. Fortunately for LS, the amounts were with them in Lucerne since Fabio Celestini’s team touched wood 3 times in the second half.

It is easy to understand that the Lausanne people should have taken advantage of their opportunities during the first 45 minutes, especially given the appearance of the meeting. Because Monteiro opened the scoring with a header in the 28th and they then had 2 big chances to double the bet and drive the point home. First by George in the 31st with a kick off the post and then in the 38th by Mahou.

In his little shoes, Lucerne took advantage of the break to come to his senses. But it was especially the entries of Sidler and Campo in the 61st that produced their effect. Sidler found the opening in the 62nd with a long shot that goalkeeper Diaw misjudged. And a few minutes later, it was Campo who touched the amounts. In the end, the two worst students in the category neutralized each other.

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