Super League: In front of the break, the TO XIII comes close to victory against Hull KR

This Monday April 18 marked the return of the Olympians to the Walloon lawn since their success against the Saints on March 19.

The meeting begins with 10 balanced minutes which see Olympians and Rovers surrender blow for blow, the first chains are unsuccessful. But it is the Olympians who accelerate first with Maxime STEFANI who crosses the opposing defensive curtain and he finds Lucas ALBERT inside. The half comes here to register his first try under the colors of the TO. 27th minute Hull KR multiplies the faults and the TO will take advantage of it with a superb pass from Tony GIGOT for Mitch GARBUTT who dives and doubles the bet for the men of Sylvain HOULES. The Blues & Whites return to the break 12 to 0.

Second period at the antipodes of the first, the English will score from the 42nd minute of play. The Olympians reply on the next chain, with Paul MARCON who scores the third try for the locals 18-6. But in the space of a few minutes Hull KR will come to install doubt in the heads of Toulouse, scoring 2 tries in 5 minutes, 18-16 in the 58th minute. The Olympians continue to push to pick up the thread of the match, but Hull will score between the posts, here is the TO led for the first time in the match, 18-22. Nothing works out, Tony GIGOT limps along, and the Olympians cannot count on their game leader. The Rovers score the chaos try 7 minutes from time. Paul MARCON restores Olympian hope in the 78th minute by scoring his double, unfortunately this achievement comes too late for the TO. End of the match, 24-28, infuriating.

The TO will go to Leeds in 4 days for a game with a major stake in the standings. The next home meeting is scheduled for Sunday, May 15, at 3:30 p.m. Toulouse will receive Wakefield Trinity.

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