Super League. Florentino Pérez quotes Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer to defend his project

Florentino Pérez is not letting go. The powerful president of Real Madrid took advantage of an assembly of his club to reaffirm his dream of the Super League. A great promoter of this almost closed championship, the Spaniard this time tried to justify his project by citing… Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

“We would have seen Nadal and Federer three times”

“They’ve played each other 40 times over the years, and Nadal and Djokovic?he asks, before continuing. If the rules of football were extrapolated to other sports, we would hardly have seen Nadal and Federer three times in all these years. If you look at Liverpool, we’ve played them nine times in 67 years. With Chelsea four times in European Cup history and the last two times in the past two years, what is the point of depriving the fans of those matches? »

A way for him to sweep away the idea that fans could be tired of too many big matches. But the Madrid man’s speech quickly slipped into the economic arena, the main motivation for the Super League project.

“For reasons beyond our control, UEFA is going in the opposite direction. The new model will only serve to further alienate fans and accelerate football’s decline. There is no football club in the top 10 richest clubs in the world, we must be doing something wrong in old Europe. »

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Real Madrid suffered their first setback of the season, this Sunday, October 2, by conceding a draw against Osasuna (1-1).

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